Tips Fish Table Game - How To Win Fish Tables?

In today’s modern world , the era of advanced technology games have been upgraded to lots of online play . Recently popular fish table game online . So are you a fan of that game or not ? Do you always ask why you play a lot but don’t win a lot ? If the answer is correct , and you are wondering “ how to win at the fish table “  - the article below will have you learn more about the rules and the best tactics to win . fish-tables-game-win-real-money-usa

I - Tip to shoot fish effectively eat money based on the rules of the game . 

To be able to win the fish table gambling game , the use of reasoning to make the rules of the game is essential . Below are some of the rules of good players that apply and are very successful in the game . Read on below for a better understanding . 

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1.1 ) Just shoot - there will be definitely be dead fish . 

Some players who shoot money for fish have speculated that if a player shoots bullets , then there will definitely be dead fish , at least one or two , so that will be quite a waste of bullets . But that’s okay because the fish die in any bullet , the player is still profitable . If you are a quick-witted player , then when you encounter a 10-point fish , you should increase the bullets to shoot , increase the bullets exponentially . 


1.2 ) The fish that get enough bullets will die . 

Some speculations from long-time players that “ shooting enough bullets will die “ and … 

For example : the fish 5 points when the player shoots 1 or 2 bullets , it’s doesn’t die , but when you shoot 10 bullets , it will surely die . And some other players they think of shoot bullets , aim immediately and shoot continuously .  Quite a waste of bullets , but the number of points they get back when the fish is dead is more than when the bullets fire . 

From that , this game is quite effective and safe but requires quick and accurate manipulation skills . 

1.3 ) The probability of fish dying in each bullets is different .

For this reason , it requires players to think well , have the sophistication in this algorithm . Algorithm for adjusting the probability of killing fish in each bullets is different . This game algorithm will sort bullets from 1 to n . In particular , bullet 1 will kill number 2 , number 4 , number 30 - bullet 2 will kill number 3 , number 9 .. This probability will depend on the amount of adjustment or loss of the game machine . Therefore , with tips fish table game , you can not choose how to play win .  


1.4 ) Do not waste bullets .

For playing tips this will have you save your bullets . It can be seen that there are many types of fish in the fish table : sharks , rays , small fish … some players love to shoot and kill big fish but the bullets are not enough or they choose the inappropriate bullet that leads to the fish not dead bullets also run out . 

Therefore with the above situation , the player will suffer losses , the effective fish table gambling game is to choose the right bullets and accurate aiming is the most important . 

II - Tip fish table game with a mustache strategy . 

There have been many people who have successfully implemented these tips online shooting fish game . It is to shoot the small fish to collect more points , save bullets and the ability to win very high , if you are a new player , this is an effective tip for you . In addition , there are many players who are ambitious to win , they always want to catch big fish and the result is loss . So be a smart player . 


 2.1 ) Shoot big fish when enough bullets .

This strategy will be very effective when you have large reserves , there are many types of bullets to kill large fish . And make sure the target you have to destroy is the shark , the mermaid ,.. you use big bullets like bullets 7 , 8 and large to be able to kill faster . The reward you get when a big fish dies is 100 - 200 times the amount of bullets you’ve just shot . So take advantage of the moment to receive high rewards . 

2.2 ) Tip to shoot fish for money individually and follow the flock . 

Next is also a popular online shooting fish game trick , when you see a single swimming fish , you should only use small bullets to avoid wasting bullets , when you shoot 3-4 rounds that it is not dead and swim away you should ignore , other targeting . Or you see a small group of fish swimming in groups , then you use a 3-bullet type to shoot 4-5 rounds at them . The probability of hitting many dead fish will be very high . This is also a best way for you to gain a lot of points .  


2.3 ) Shoot the marbles .

The following is a strategy to shoot tape , surely there will be a lot of people like and use this strategy because it is highly effective even when you argue with others . The effect of shooting a tape is to simultaneously shoot bullets at a fish simultaneously , this also means when you shoot a few bullets at the wall it will bounce back at the fish . Want to kill the fish faster , while the bullets are not coming , shoot a few bullets at the fish , at the same time both turn are aimed at it . Therefore the probability of dead fish is very high . 

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2.4 ) Shoot bullets .

Shooting bullets is a trick that many players choose and love . Bullets can be understood simply as players will shoot bullets . For example , first you shoot 9 fish , one bullet each . Then you gradually increase the number of bullets to 2,3,4 ... 100 bullets . You will loss 558 points in the 100 bullet , while the number of fish killed and the number of points you get back is over 1000 . This tactic requires you to quickly hurry your eyes , increase bullets in any way , to accurately and shoot the target . 

2.5 ) Shoot as soon as the first are off the table . 

It can be said that this tactic is considered to be the easiest and simplest . Many fish will die as soon as they get out of the table , so your task is to aim them correctly , load enough bullets and shoot them , instead of the probability that you shoot big fish sometimes it will not die here , is a very effective strategy .

Finally , load enough bullets into the corners of the table and wait to receive the reward from these fish . 


III - Understand the rules and the probabilities .

Fish table game online is a game with clear rules of play . Before you start playing , I recommend you take the time to learn and research the rules and bonus information . Firstly , when you are preparing to learn , you need to remember the rules after playing online shooting fish game

  • Read carefully the types of shooting fish games that are licensed to play for money . 

  • Choose a reputable dealer and be allowed to shoot fish for money .

  • Find out the number of fish , the number of coins to buy bullets and the time to kill fish in the game you are about to play . 

Please see tips fish table game above for reference , these are the most effective and best tips to apply in the game . Hopefully this article can help you be better prepared to start playing the game . Wish you have the experience of fish tables gambling game online is fun and full of fun .