Real money online Blackjack is a gambling game played by many people in Singapore. Maybe it's because of the simple rules and the house has high odds. With so many online betting casinos featuring Blackjack, this can be a challenge for players as they don't know which casino to choose is the best. To meet the needs of players, GogbetSG will show ways for players to confirm what is a good Blackjack gambling casino in Singapore.

How to choose a good online Blackjack casino

These are some of the criteria that GogbetSG based on player opinion to know what is a reliable and legal online casino in Singapore.

  • Check user rating:

Choosing a casino based on user rating is a factor that cannot be ignored. Because users are the ones most influenced by online casinos. Therefore, it is not possible to take any casino complaints lightly. A good casino will have good reviews and vice versa if there is a problem users will give their opinion. This is also a way to protect the interests of players. Which online casinos have received many complaints means that players should not be participating.

  • Check the deposit and form of payment:

Any game for the player also has a bonus interest, Blackjack is no exception. Online casinos need to guarantee players there will not be any problems in the deposit or payment process. Moreover, transactions need to be fully recorded. The casino is transparent, new players can take part in betting.

  • Check the form of customer service:

Not only in the field of betting but also in every field, service is indispensable. Players who feel secure should have problems in betting supported by the site, solving any questions. Online casinos need a variety of contact options for players to easily get in touch when needed. Usually good casinos, 24/7 customer service.

How to play Blackjack online with real money:

If new players wonder how to play Blackjack online then here are the answers the players found.

  • Game object:

The goal of this game is to win if the player has a higher total score than the dealer. Limit the total number of points each player and dealer owns is 21 points.

  • Play Blackjack:

  • First, players need to place bets before the blackjack game starts. Called Money-Bets. Usually there are 15 seconds to bet.

  • After that, Dealer begins to deal 1 card face up to the dealer, 1 card face up to the player. After the player completes their hand dealing, at this point, the dealer will begin to complete their hand deal. Next is compare articles. Whichever side is closer to 21 points, that side wins.

  • In Blackjack, players compete directly with the dealer, not with the other house.

  • If either side has a score> = 21 points, it is called "fire" and loses immediately.

  • 21 points is the maximum score of blackjack, this number is made up of two ways: Option 1 is after the first 2 cards, called blackjack (BJ) or poker (consisting of A card and 1 of the cards). 10, J, Q and K). Method 2 is the sum of the points of the other cards, making 21 points.

  • Player and dealer Tie when the score on both sides is equal. At this point, the stake will be refunded.

  • Same is 21 points, but Blackjack or Poker is considered a 21-point win made up of 3 or more cards.

  • The dealer folds (stops drawing) if it scores 17 or more points.

  • There is no rule of ballast for a player, if the player exceeds 21 points they will lose.

Popular variations of Blackjack:

Not only has a classic form, Blackjack is also known for many different variations and below are popular variations of this game.

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  • Blackjack Switch:

This is a relatively new variant, which appeared in 2009. The difference is that in the first time dealing with dealer cards, players can switch top cards between their two hands, creating more fun for this classic game.

  • Face Up 21:

The difference from the traditional variation is that both dealer's initial cards are dealt face-to-face, so the player will have a better understanding of the opponent. This variation makes Blackjack more dynamic and players gain more advantages.

  • Progressive Blackjack:

Similar to the classic Blackjack, adding a few tweaks. Dealers can only play when the score is over 16. This creates some minor problems for the dealer. That is why it became more popular than other variants.

Reasons to play online Blackjack with real money:

  • Easy to play:

The modernity of technology has helped players make a lot of money when playing online Blackjack. In just a few minutes, players can become a member of that online site and participate in Blackjack betting. Besides, real money betting gives players more chances to win bonuses from the house.

  • There are many variations to choose from:

Of course, a reputable online casino will have many different variations of a game, players need to choose the one that suits themselves when participating online. Choosing a variant makes it easier to enter bets and pay out players.

  • The potential to make a lot of money:

Famous for being an easy to play, popular game, and one where you can earn real money from betting sites. The amount of money a player makes compared to other betting games seems to be easier as all players are against the dealer instead of against each other like other betting games. Besides, if you join a reputable website, the higher the odds and the greater your chances of winning.


Needless to say, Blackjack has a foothold in the hearts of people who bet. Furthermore, most of the online betting sites currently have Blackjack. Players should find a reputable place to play and enjoy betting to the fullest. GogbetSG remains a reputable online casino Singapore and is trusted by many Singaporean players. If possible, visit GogbetSG once to enjoy the best deals!