Online basketball betting experience of longtime players
Recently, the rapid development of basketball has become one of the proud things of world sports. And it has become one of the most popular subjects.

Online Basketball Betting

Because of this reason, reputable online casinos have made the most of the opportunity to be able to develop in parallel online sports betting. So, you wonder why professional players can be unbeatable in front of the house edge when playing online sports betting Singapore? The following article will be the answer for you. Let's see!

Online Basketball Betting

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It can be seen that in recent years basketball has grown constantly and always captured a solid position in the hearts of every person. This game won the hearts of thousands of people around the world. Every year, very interesting and exciting basketball tournaments are held. From these tournaments, people can exchange culture and economy with other countries.

Because basketball is concerned, to serve everyone, the house edge offers online basketball betting. Maybe this game will not be as attractive as online football betting but this is an extremely interesting subject. Make sure, you will be extremely passionate about this bet.

Basketball Betting Rules

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Knowing the rules of the games can not only help people to win and not break the rules when betting. Here are some rules when betting on basketball you must remember:

- Basketball betting results need to be based on the result of the first match including all playing time and extra time. When playing basketball everyone will play until the classification of victory and loss should never have a tie.

- If you have placed a bet but the basketball match is canceled for any reason, your bets will be void and the bet amount will be promptly sent to the main account by the system. 

- If a basketball match has started but due to a problem being suspended or canceled, the result will still be considered valid if the match took place 43 minutes for the NBA tournament and 35 minutes for any basketball game. For these matches bets will also be considered valid if the result is announced by the tournament organizer. Otherwise bets will be void and the funds will be transferred to the player's account.

- Each basketball match will be divided into 2 halves of 4 rounds. The result of the first half will be the sum of the results for the first and second rounds. Similarly the result of the 2nd half is the sum of the rounds 3 and 4. Overtime or extra time are calculated separately and do not count towards the result of the 4th rounds.

- If you choose to bet on the team that scores first and you win then you will be paid by the dealer and sent to your account. If for any reason the first match is suspended or abandoned but the first team has scored, the bet will still be valid and the player will still be awarded the winning amount.

- If the last team to score is selected then the result will be settled for the last team to score the match. If a match is abandoned mid-game then the results of the match will be void and the stakes returned to the player's account.

Some Online Basketball Betting Experiences

Predicting from the advantages of home team

This is one of the experiences that players have manipulated and achieved certain success. The home team advantage may not seem to affect, but it greatly affects the outcome of basketball betting. Therefore, players should look at the home team to be able to evaluate more accurately. In addition, players should combine many different factors to have a more comprehensive game look.

Predicting from each team’s skill.

Indeed, in basketball the players have many different ways to score with different ways of throwing. Usually, players can throw near and far. With a long throw skill, the player will score more points but the probability of the ball entering the basket is lower than that of a close throw. Based on the advantages and disadvantages that players can evaluate and bet.

Based on the schedule of two teams

Indeed, the player should not see at once that any strong team will bet immediately. Instead, you have to base on many factors, in which, players need to learn the schedule of the teams to evaluate the actual results.

If the players feel that the team schedule is quite thick, you should consider it because playing more will create tired feelings for the players. This may be the reason why the players will not perform as well as they are. Moreover, the venue is quite important. If the players have to travel a considerable distance, their health will not be as it was.

Always update the odds table changes

The odds are rarely fixed but it fluctuates before the game. This is because the house adjusts for the balance level. Players should not choose the rafting or reduction immediately, but need to consider to minimize the risk.


With the good online basketball betting experience above, hopefully you can understand and apply flexibly many methods to quickly increase the probability of winning. In addition, choose a reputable online casino Singapore bet88sg to receive the best services and benefits. Good luck!